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เครื่องอัดเม็ดปุ๋ย เครื่องผลิตเม็ดปุ๋ย

เครื่องอัดเม็ดปุ๋ย เครื่องผลิตเม็ดปุ๋ย

เครื่องทดลองขนาด 7.5 HP motor (our test machine)

maximum size that we manufacture is 50HP (capacity ~300-500 kg/hr, depending on type of fertilizer)


animal feed pellet2

Pellet Making for Animal feed (2)

Pellet Making for Animal feed (2)

Test for customer – Raw material received from customer, being told to be mixture of corncob, molasses, napier grass, and else – not mentioned)

Pellet making test for animal feed (5 mm. diameter).

The test machine is 5 HP motor with gear unit.
It requires water adding to adjust moisture of mixture (About 15% MC). The pellet density is low for animal to chew. Fine dust is about 10% but can be reduced if bigger size machine.

Also, typically the animal feed production requires separation unit to remove stone or foreign material before making into pellet. Pneumatic system is the most common unit for this purpose.


animal feed pellet

Pellet Making for Animal feed

Pellet making for animal feed and related machines.

Regarding pellet machine to make pellet for animal feeds, we have experiences on this pelletizing unit. We can manufacture both the stainless steel machine and plain steel upon customer’s request.

In order to understand available raw material for animal feed, we need to have more information regarding raw materials and requirement on finished product (pellet) as below:-

Raw material

– What is the main ingredients you are going to use? (please let us know in details).
– How do you store those materials?
– What is your expected capacity of the pelletizing unit?
– Do you need the machine to be Stainless steel or just plain steel (iron)?

Finished product (pellet)

– What is the size of pellet you need (normally for us : diameter about 7-8 mm.)?
– What is the length of pellet you need? (1-2, 3-4 cm., etc)? Please specify in range.
– What is the required density of the pellet?
– What are other requirements (if any)?

These factors have great effect to the machine design. Some animal like cattles, cow need bigger size pellet (6-8 mm. or bigger diameter), while smaller animals (ie. bird, fish) would need much smaller diameter (1-3 mm.).  All above information is required to design the machine. Please provide us above information and we will get back to you with further details.

More video and related photos can be viewed in www.thaisumi.com

Sample video file is as below.

Pellet making machine – TWP03-AF

animal feed pellet
animal feed pellet from thai sumi company

Fine Coal (Petroleum Coke) pellet making test using small pellet machine 7.5 HP

Fine Petroleum Coke – Pellet making test by small machine (7.5 HP)
The sample is very dry. Using small machine could not press successfully. It requires water or binder to help improve pellet forming and strength.
If using higher power motor, this would help improve the forming and process-ability.