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เตาเผาถ่าน รูปเตาเผาถ่านญี่ปุ่น ถ่านไม้หรือถ่านกะลามะพร้าวก็ได้ – carbonization kiln

เตาเผาถ่าน รูปเตาเผาถ่านญี่ปุ่น (Carbonization kiln for wood, coconut shell, biomass to charcoal)

เป็นแบบ Batch Operation เริ่มต้นด้วย Burner ใช้น้ำมันเตาเป็นเชื้อเพลิง หลังจากนั้นควันที่ออกมาจะสามารถเก็บน้ำส้มควันไม้และกำจัดควันได้ดี (แต่ไม่ทั้งหมด)

เป็นเตามือสองจากญี่ปุ่นครับ ใครสนใจก็ติดต่อมาสอบถามได้

ขนาดเตาโดยคร่าวๆ กว้างและสูงประมาณ 2.5 เมตร โดยตัวเตาด้านในสามารถยกได้โดยใช้เครน (เตาในมีขนาด 1.1 เมตร สูงประมาณ 1.3 เมตร)


เตา recovery ควันเผาถ่าน
เตา recovery ควันเผาถ่าน
รูป burner เตาเผาถ่าน
รูป burner เตาเผาถ่าน



Pellet making and Briquette making of Carbon from Pyrolysis process of Scrap Tyre / old tire to produce oil

Pellet making and Briquette making of Carbon from Pyrolysis process of Scrap Tyre / old tire to produce oil

The pellet making of fine carbon (powder form) from scrap tyre pyrolysis plant (oil production) is slightly more difficult than production of pellet from coal or charcoal. The oil content in the carbon powder is one of the factors.
Normally oil content in the carbon powder should not be higher than 2-3%, otherwise binder will be required. In case that binder is required, the mixing of fine carbon powder and binder dispersion are the key to the success of pellet production.
Common problems with the pellet making from carbon powder from pyrolysis of tire are dispersion, high oil content and feeding of powder into pelletizer (difficult to feed). The design of machine must take these factors into account.

Concerning the briquette making of fine carbon powder by screw press type machine, it is more difficult and has more factors to the success of the briquetting process. The main trouble is the heat generated by screw-press type machine will cause the change of powder’s characteristics (soften). Typically, the briquette made from screw-press type machine is not very high in density so it can be used as fuel for starting up the operation of the pyrolysis process (not very good if you want to sell them as briquette).

Thai Sumi Company

Following is a normal carbon pellet making. Screener is required to remove remaining fine powder.


charcoal briquette making from biomass wastes and sugarcane waste

[QUESTION]: Dear Sir,

I am interested in Machinery to produce charcoal briquett. I intend to start the project in my country. Please do email me a price quote for the whole system including the information (manual) on how to make them. I am specifically interested in making charcoal from coffee husks, rice husks , coconut husks, macadamia husks saw dust and maize cobs.

I don’t know whether your machines can support making charcoal from sugar cane wastes? please let me know.

Thanking you and looking forward to your response.


———- Answer ———-

[ANSWER]:? From the listed raw materials (coffee husks, rice husks , coconut husks, macadamia husks saw dust, maize cobs, and sugar cane waste), in order to make them into charcoal briquette, we would like to classify them into 2 groups which require different process; Hot process and Cold process.

Hot process : coffee husks, rice husks, macadamia husks, sawdust

Cold process : Maize cobs, Coconut husks (coconut shell?), Sugar cane waste

The hot process is more complicated, requires high skilled personals, require 5-6 times higher investment than that of cold process.

The cold process is suitable for above mentioned materials (Maize cobs, Coconut husks (coconut shell?), Sugar cane waste). However, the best quality of charcoal briquette you can get among those three materials is coconut shell, maize cob and sugar case waste respectively.

We would recommend you to start with only maize cobs and coconut shell first because their quality are good.

About machines of cold process, we can supply to you the machine and guarantee that you will be able to produce good quality (high density) briquette.

We will not only provide you the machine but we will also provide to you all related information, document and know-how. You will receive full operating manual, document and necessary know-how with the machine. Please kindly find our machine’s brochure as attachment. The complete unit as quoted comprises 1 crusher, 1 mixer-dispenser (can be used for 2 extruders), and 2 extruders. The production capacity is about 300-400 kg/hour of wood charcoal or any other biomass charcoal. You can add 1 more extruder to the quotation to double the capacity because the mixer and crusher is already designed for 2 extruders. Automatic cutting units are optional. We already give the manual cutting units with the extruders but if you need automatic cuttings, you can purchase as optional unit.

We can also offer the conveyor and other additional unit as per your request too.

Please give us comment about the above suggestion. Then we will get back to you again with further information asap.