Moisture content standard in Charcoal and charcoal briquette


1. What is the standard moisture level in the charcoal?
2. How to calculate or measure the moisture content before selling/export?
3. Do you have any easy way to check if the moisture content is o.k.?

Basis of calculation:  % Moisture ( wet weight ) = (weight of charcoal – dry charcoal) x100 /starting charcoal weight.

4. If we have high-tech tools to measure the moisture, what is the favorable level for charcoal / charcoal briquette export.

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Normally, the charcoal / charcoal briquette moisture content should be in range of 7-10 %. However, there are some differences between charcoal (wood charcoal) and charcoal briquette.

1) If the charcoal manufacturer use water to extinguish the fire, then it would be somewhat higher moisture off the stove than to extinguish by closing the kiln, which almost no moisture left. Anyway, Usually charcoal will absorb the moisture in the atmosphere soon after you remove the charcoal from the kiln. If you do not put water directly to stop the carbonization (stop the charring), then the moisture content will not exceed 10%.
Other categories, such as mangrove charcoal imported from Myanmar , most of it will be humid because the sea water or sea water splashing into the boat. The salt is very rich in charcoal.
Ever is the time to send them to the destination. Countries with low humidity, like the Israel, the weight after 1 month storage can loose more than 5-10% in dry season. It has been my experience with clients who have experienced this but they were already aware of this problem at first (that is what I was told).
Conclusion is that rarely do they make it much moisture. But we can check easily and to be aware of is the time to pack a bag or box . If too damp can cause rot box or bag wet . You can test by packing and taking the box/bag under the sun and then, after back into the shade and cooling, open to check it.
Because containers can reach reach 60-70 degrees Celsius during shipping, if travel long distance like to Europe it will be more than 1 month, extreme heating/cooling will cause the problem.

2 ) Charcoal briquette with moisture higher than 10 percent moisture, it will become softened and mushy after a 1-2 day after packing. Thus, carry out a test (same as charcoal case), it is not difficult to know that the humidity is low enough or not.

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