Olive husk waste

Olive waste briquetting information (part #2)

Olive waste briquetting information (part #2)

Question : 

How much olive stones would you need ideally? I also have this other question:

Is it possible to make briquettes or logs like yours WITHOUT any binder. I am talking in general here (not especially about the olive stones).

I am asking this question because I met a potential “competitor” that bought material (from Italy) that will allow him to compact olive stones into briquettes. This competitor does not plan to char the stones but just compact the stones into briquettes and sell them.

according to him, his briquettes will be made without binder. is it possible or he wanted just to impress me?


Answer : 

Let us refer to charred briquette as “Charcoal Briquette” and not charred briquette as “Biomass briquette” in order not to be confused. What we offered to you is charcoal briquette making machine to make briquette from charcoal or charred material. Charcoal briquette market is virtually different from biomass briquette market.

Charcoal briquette is for BBQ, grill restaurants, hotel, home-use, food industry and else. So, the price is completely better than the biomass briquette which is to be used as fuel (giving heat, sell as calorific value).

If you plan to make biomass briquette (briquette from olive stone), the process is called hot press process using heat to bind the biomass. You can carbonize this briquette later to get the charcoal if you want (need kiln for carbonization, same as making wood charcoal from wood log). The offered machine is the smallest size because this process requires much higher horse power machine.

I do not think there will be any problem with machine for charcoal briquette production.

Regarding briquette making from olive stone, we do not have the test machine now but we have experiences with what is called “olive husk” and dry olive waste. It can be made into briquette without problem (actually it smelled very good when making briquette). However, I want just to make sure if your sample is what we imagine or not. So, only little of sample to see would be enough.

Olive husk waste

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