Pellet ThaiSumi Biomass

Question regarding pelletizer for making pellet from different types of materials.

Question regarding pelletizer for making waste material pellet.

  1. Do you have any idea about construction parts for machine, that could be replaced with each type of powder?

[Comment]:  Normally we need to test the material before we can design the machine. That is why we need sample from you. Actually we can do many things with the design of the pelletizer to match with customer’s material. The design includes: revolution of the machine, thickness of dieplate, design of the passage hole, etc.

Normally we will need to fix the revolution of the machine first (rpm) and then decide the thickness of dieplate. The revolution is difficult to change because it relates to the design of gears in the gear-box (we manufacture by ourselves). In fact, you may be able to adjust the revolution but in limited range by using Inverter unit (electrical voltage-current) and thickness of dieplate.

So, without all the sample we would not be able to say exactly if you can use only 1 machine or different machines to cover your all materials. However, if the physical of the materials do not vary a lot, then 1 machine may work for all but you may need more than 1 dieplate with different thickness (but 1 thickness may also cover different materials).

Pellet ThaiSumi Biomass
Pellet by ThaiSumi machine

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