Wood Waste to make charcoal briquette

We work with government Wasteplex reduction planning to reduce wooden waste.

We would like to?convert wooden pallets &? wooden waste of construction to sawdust log.

We need? a cartbonization production line to??convert sawdust log? to be charcoal briquette.

Our targeted daily productivity is 300-500 tones per day.

we have some questions:

1) How many msq should be resevered for production line?

2) How many technician can come to assist the development of production line and operation?

3) Maintenance period?


Looking forward to hearing from u soonest!

Charcoal Briquette 1

—– Answer —–

Concerning your raw materials (wooden pallets, wooden wastes), the most difficult part would be carbonization of material (either you make briquette then carbonize it or carbonize materials first before making into briquette).In our case (in Thailand), we normally carbonize the wooden wastes into charcoal before using it directly or making into pellet for better usage (we call cold process). However, before we do so (carbonize those wooden materials), we need to remove nails and other metal. Then the wood materials will be converted into charcoal by conventional kilns (because lowest cost, fair quality charcoal, low maintenance cost of kilns, easy construction, etc). Conventional kilns are either brick type kilns or brick-clay type kilns (we have also metal kilns but not much used due to high corrosion of steel kilns resulted from wood vinegar generated during carbonization process).Also, the reason why we carbonize wooden wastes prior to making into briquette is that we can reduce the amount (weight) of wastes after carbonization to less than 30-35%. Then the handling will become easier and less amount. The power required to make charcoal chunk into briquette is much less than making wooden wastes into sawdust and then making into briquette and carbonize it later. The total cost of charcoal briquette making can be 10 times or more different from making them into sawdust first. FYI, machine size for making 150-200 kg/hr in charcoal case is 10 HP, comparing to sawdust case is 40 HP with heater. Maximum temperature (excluding carbonization) in case of sawdust is about 250-270 degree Celsius (we call hot process), compared with 60-70 degree Celsius in case of making into charcoal first.

The sawdust case also requires dryer, shredder, and other related machines too at the original amount capacity (compared with weight reduction about 1/3 in case of making into charcoal first). You can imagine how complicated and difficult between these 2 processes.

Actually we own both factories (maximum of about 600 kg/hr briquetting machine). The maximum capacity in the video file you mentioned in your first e-mail is about 1,500 kg/hr.

Please refer to attached production scheme between these 2 processes.

That is why we need to understand your raw materials.

Please give us comments and we will get back to you asap.

cement kiln thai sumi photo
cement kiln thai sumi photo picture



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